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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentines Day Ideas!

Pin It Now! DIY Classroom Valentines....

My thought is, why buy the fill-in-the-blank Valentines in the box from the store when it is SO easy to involve the kids and create some of your own at home!

Each year the kids and I set out to come up with a new idea and this year the theme was BUBBLE GUM!

Bubble gum happens to be one of my kids all time favorite things (topping candy most of the time...hard to believe, I know), so this theme was perfect for us.

I saw several ideas online about bubble gum themed Valentines, but I decided to put my own twist on it while also keeping it simple. Here is what we came up with...

Our supplies:
We printed out 2 separate sayings on card stock ("I CHEWS you Valentine!" and "Don't burst my my Valentine!"), bought clear party bags with twist ties, and a large container of gum balls (I believe it cost about $4 from Wal-Mart, which I thought was a great deal).

The kids had a great time cutting the cards out, hole punching them, filling up the bags and then attaching the cards:

Here are some pictures of the finished product:

DIY Classroom Party Snack...
This year, I am in charge of SNACK for both of my kids classroom Valentine's parties at school (for kindergarten and 4th grade), so I was trying to think of something fun that I could make. It would be completely out of my character to go and buy the store bought Valentine's cookies (not that it hasn't happened in a pinch). However, since I had the time to plan it, I wanted to do something fun and different this year (and something not completely filled with sugar). I came up with a Valentine's "Love" Mix (i.e. snack mix).
The supplies:
  • Pretzels
  • Whole Heart cereal
  • Strawberry Mini Wheats cereal
  • Yogurt Raisins
  • Dried Cherries
  • Strawberry heart marshmallows
  • Valentine's M&Ms
  • Mini regular marshmallows (not pictured)
(Note: Although candy hearts are pictured and I had planned to include them, I thought it was a better mix without didn't need the extra candy element in my opinion, but you could certainly add them)

The finished product:
Valentine's "Love" Mix

I don't have a picture of it, by my 6 year old daughter helped me "make" this and was also my taste tester and said it was AWESOME, so let's hope all of the other kids feel the same way! :o)

If you have any fun ideas, recipes or projects that you have done with your kids this year, I would love to hear about them! Please share in the comment section!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!